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Let our expert team help you achieve your financial goals!


Welcome a brighter future with better credit.

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Our Rapid Restore Plan is the Ultimate Credit Restoration Plan


/ Month for 12 months*

Affordable Pricing

Our pricing is transparent, and there are no hidden fees.  You can cancel at any time after your initial 90 days.

Month-to-Month for 12 Months

No Long-Term Contracts!

We don't just help restore bad credit.

We help Restore your Financial Future!

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$800 one-time Start up Fee
*monthly plan required for a minimum of 90 days

Our Approach

Credit restoration doesn't have to be complicated.  At Fresh Start Credit Restoration, we use an unconventional, simple, smart, and easy approach to help you achieve your financial goals.  Here's how it works:




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Credit Report

Personalized Credit
Restoration Plan


Reports from ALL THREE 
Credit Bureaus must be obtained
and uploaded below

Our team of experts then creates
a personalized  credit restoration plan tailored  to your unique financial situation and credit report

Throughout the credit restoration process, we provide support and guidance to ensure that you have the tools and resources  you need to achieve your financial goals

Empower Your Credit, 
Empower Your Life

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Call or Submit an Online Inquiry

Credit Score Improvement Plan

Credit Score Optimization

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Who We Are

Fresh Start Credit Restoration is a reliable credit restoration company committed to helping individuals achieve their financial goals by improving their credit scores and providing ongoing support and guidance.

At our company, we acknowledge that each customer's credit situation is unique, with particular circumstances requiring bespoke attention. Our committed and knowledgeable team of credit experts assesses each client's credit report, designs a strategic action plan, and guides them through every step of the credit restoration process.


We are passionate about helping our customers rebuild their credit and work tirelessly to ensure that every client emerges from our program with an enhanced credit score, greater financial confidence, and peace of mind.

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